Meet the OZ Team

Oliver Wintle

Founder of OZ Trees 
As well as being the founder of the company, Oli also does the majority of the climbing. He has been in the industry for six years working in England, Australia and Portugal. He has a passion for anything tree related & his ambiton is to climb the big red woods of Canada (along side having a very successful tree company, of course!). He holds his CS31, CS32, CS38 and CS39.

Warren Wright

Warren is director of operations on the ground running the ropes and driving the machines. If there is anything you need to know about anything, Warren is your man to ask. 
Head Groundsmen, Machine Driver and font of all knowledge. Ask him anything!

Ben Eldridge

Lead Climber and Second in comand on the ground
As you can see from his picture Ben loves is job! 

Georgina Hanley

Georgina is the better half of Oli. Georgie loves looking after the books in her spare time and keeping the boys in order. 
Admin assistant

Pip Wintle

Leader in customer relations
Pip is our youngest member of the team coming in at 2 years old, but don't let her youthfulness fool you. She's fast and on the ball, bassically don't leave your food out.